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It all started out of a deep need and long-term search for the interface point that occurs when there is a connection between matter and spirit/consciousness And from the need to bring the holistic message to the material world, the beauty, and the design. To connect worlds. Behind every product of mine there is a message, a value, and a meaning that I bring with me from my research and learning process I went through in my life journey. From a young age, I was captivated by the charms of colors in general and design particularly out of a strong urge to create for myself a beautiful reality where every morning and moment will be new and exciting. From the desire to get out of the box and reach places inside and outside that I have never visited before… A whole new world In the “sweets” of life. I cherish this moment where the inspirations, thoughts, and everything that runs through my head come to reality taking on form, texture, color, and meaning.

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